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What can GenY teach you?

understanding how to embrace and engage GenY in the workplace, and in life.

understanding how to embrace and engage GenY in the workplace, and in life.

Recently, I read Millennial Momentum by Winograd and Hais (2011) and I feel so much more hopeful and positive about what this generation is going to contribute to our society, and already is. I highly recommend this book to every person in the corporate world, especially leaders and managers who find working with GenY employees to be frustrating. This will open your eyes and point you toward what you can do to embrace their energy for change.

Millennials are also referred to as GenY, and are the youngest generation in the workforce and still to enter the workforce. They were born between 1982 – 2003 so they are currently aged 31 years to 10 years. Even the youngest are making contributions. I recently heard a 12 year old girl speak who Read the rest of this entry »

Habits that Empower

I recently read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg and love the habit loop. It covers alot of territory. Here is one passage that stood out for me which has huge implications to increasing productivity, encouraging personal responsibility and providing deeper job satisfaction:

A study showed that students who had been treated kindly had more willpower, and the key difference was the sense of control they had over their experience. When people are asked to do something that takes self-control, if they think they are doing it for personal reasons – if they feel like it’s a choice or something they enjoy because it helps someone else – it’s much less taxing. Read the rest of this entry »