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How We Work

Coaching is the core methodology that we use

That’s because after many years of experience we know that having regular, confidential one-on-one coaching conversations over time is the most effective way for ideas to be experimented with, and become integrated as new habits.

We work on assignment under agreed parameters to meet your development goals.

We simultaneously work at three levels with our clients:

The Strategic/task, or “What

What do you need to accomplish? What results are expected?

The Relationship, or “How”

How well do you interact with superiors, peers and direct reports? How competent are you at handling sensitive people issues, and challenging conversations?

The Self, or “Who”

Who are you in terms of your outlook, your values, your mindset and your attitude? Who are you in terms of your awareness and effectiveness working with strong emotions that are either expressed or just below the surface?

We use a variety of methodologies to support coaching as the diagram below illustrates.