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Leadership Coaching

Leadership is about how you affect people

As soon as you have responsibility for even one other person, you are automatically in a leadership position.

Leading requires a very different skillset and mindset than the technical skills you’ve acquired.

These pictures represent three different styles of leadership. Which one most closely represents how you see your leadership style?

Which picture do you think your direct reports would choose for you? Which would your peers, and superiors choose?

As we work together, you’ll explore which is the most useful leadership style, and under what circumstances.

You may have been promoted because of your technical expertise, but your success now as a manager with leadership responsibilities is about how you positively influence others to get the job done.

Here is a list of typical issues that technical professionals face when increasing their leadership skills. If you relate to 3 or more of these issues, then leadership coaching is something you will benefit from:

  • Your team is good but you know they have the talent to be great
  • Morale is low and you don’t know how to fix it
  • People don’t trust each other causing negativity and lower productivity
  • Turnover is high, and outstanding people are leaving
  • You are dealing with friction and draining personality clashes
  • Team members avoid taking on more responsibility
  • You avoid delegating because you get back inferior work
  • There are ‘elephants’ in the room – issues that no-one is addressing
  • You want to invest in upgrading your people and leadership skills
  • You want to be better prepared for a new leadership role you will be taking on in the organization
  • You want to learn more skills for mentoring, coaching, and nurturing rising stars


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