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S.T.A.R. Leadership System

Are people skills really soft skills?

Not if you’re leading a team!

The S.T.A.R. Leadership System is way for you to learn the people skills, which are anything but soft. Many learn this the hard way.

Your technical excellence is what drove your success and led to you being promoted to a management position. But that’s not what is going to bring you success now, or keep you progressing. What’s now required is for you to become as great an expert at understanding people as you are an expert as a technical professional.

For some, this changed expectation comes as a rude awakening. It can feel especially upsetting when you receive less than stellar feedback from people who report to you. You may be telling your team members how to do the work because you have you know how to do the job to a high standard. But now you need to know when to direct, when to guide, when to coach or when to delegate.

Under How We Work, we introduced our fundamental approach to all that we do. We are always working simultaneously at 3 levels: the Who, the How and the What.

In our coaching and workshops, we always include all 3 levels.

And S.T.A.R. Leadership Performance is what you’ll be able to bring about when you incorporate the 3 levels into your leadership approach, about these key concepts:

  Supportive, Transparent, Attentive, Responsive


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