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Who We Work With

We believe that leadership is leadership and people are people

But we have a special affinity for working with engineers, technology and technical experts who are ready to upgrade their skills in managing and leading others.

  Here’s who we specialize in working with:

Those in their first 5 years of managing a team. They are ready to learn how to be a people expert, because that is what their results are now measured by, not their personal technical expertise.

Those who are seasoned leaders and are ready to add to and refine their approach to leading. They understand that they need to continually evaluate their leading style so they don’t become the bottleneck to stellar performance in others.


We work with managers and executives in medium to larger companies who have headquarters or a large presence in Southern California. This does not preclude us from working with people in the company who may be situated in other parts of the country or the world. Technology – email, phone, and video conferencing – has made it easy for this to occur. We also work with entrepreneurial business owners who have staff, and are challenged by growing beyond their hands-on approach because they started the business.

We work in a wide range of industries because even though the vernacular may be different by company and by industry, we have found that people are people, and leadership is leadership. We pick up your vernacular and learn your specific language nuances as we conduct interviews, assessments and ask questions out of our curiosity.

We work with those who are coachable, are respectful of the partnership approach we bring, and genuinely want to improve the way they go about achieving results. We recognize that we are each capable of much more if we are given the right tools and learning approach.

Some typical focus areas we work on are:

  • How to develop team members to be self-generating and confidently take on more responsibility
  • How to build trust in your team
  • How to more persuasively influence superiors and peers
  • How to reduce stress, friction and overwhelm
  • How to implement better procedures, structure and accountability
  • How to nurture and develop rising stars
  • How to effectively deal with personality clashes that hurt team morale and productivity
  • How to grow your leadership effectiveness
  • Help in becoming better prepared for a different work assignment you’ll be taking on in the organization in the next 6-12 months
  • You want to experience coaching so you can congruently integrate coaching skills in to your leadership style


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