upgrade your clear communication capability

Leadership Skills for Technical People - take the frustration out of communication!

What’s the #1 frustration that technical leaders experience?

Communicating and being understood by non-technical people!

That’s because most technical leaders are still identified with being a Subject Matter Expert.  That’s okay if you don’t want to expand your influence and you want to remain an SME. However,  your success and reputation will be limited if you don’t learn how to get your point across and communicate effectively with non-technical people.

That’s what we can help you with. Use your ‘smarts’ to now learn how to become a “People Performance Expert!

Here are common symptoms that indicate you could be using a “Subject Matter Expert” approach to leadership:

  • you are considered a great manager of a team of technical experts but other functions don’t trust you to work well in the broader business context
  • you protect your team because you fear others don’t hold the same high standards as you do
  • satisfaction or employee retention are below par
  • you feel frustrated by the constant demands of others, including demands of superiors, expectations of peers, the needs of direct reports, not to mention the overwhelming number of meetings and emails you have to deal with


If you recognize these symptoms in you or someone in your organization, then take a look at how we work and see what services could benefit you.